After many years of testing, researching and studying various primers and method books for piano instruction, and in response to Jaka’s constant encouragement and requests from certain colleagues and students, I have attempted to condense everything that currently seems important, and that has proved to be interesting, appealing and successful in my practical work with students, into one book.

These are, of course, my own experiences. Pedagogical work involves a dynamic, constantly changing relationship, to which both the teacher and the student continuously bring their own experiences, feelings and energy.

I would therefore be happy and honoured if, in this “method book”, teachers and students were to seek and find new ideas and suggestions (albeit systematically sequenced) for their own creative imagination, which could open paths to new compositions (especially for all important sight reading), new accompaniments, variations, ways of improvising, additional accompaniments to the songs, the discovery and exploration of dynamics (which is why certain of the compositions are presented without dynamic markings), etc.